Merging with the Water

bubbles-11-july Liquid aqua scattered with diamonds
Bubbles captured at sunrise amidst the liquid aqua as I float and feel myself adrift in the sea's power. That's my desire; to merge with the aqua atoms and feel myself enveloped in the substance invisible to the naked eye. I like how this camera (Olympus T3) allows me to slow down the rushing movement that I somehow instinctively feel whe...
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Come, Swim at Dawn

IMG_20200411_081754-2 Footprints in the sand
Come with me and swim at dawn. Feel, see and share what it is like to greet the morning and the sea each day. Become part of this soulful journey of exploration and renewal in this magical world that is the ocean and its environs. The sea awaits you. In this video, I prepare for my immersion. My feet reach the water and my shadow mer...
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Love of the Sea

in-the-atoms In the atoms
For as long as I can remember I've loved the water and especially the ocean. I don't remember the first time I saw the sea but it must have been when I was about 2 or 3 years old on a family vacation in Florida. Warm ocean water, collecting sand dollars, sunburn, running in the little waves. When I was about 4, a gentle swim coach ta...
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Why Dawn Swimmer?

IMG_20200428_081153 After the dawn swim enjoying the morning sun on my back
Dawn Swimmer is me but she is also any woman. I didn't want this blog to be an expose of myself and consequently I've chosen to make it anonymous. I would like anyone to identify with the call of the sea, the desire to challenge oneself, to connect with nature's beauty and the ever-changing moods of the day and ocean, as we...
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What a beautiful journey through life of a woman’s passion for the sea from early childhood to adulthood. The prose flows as the ... Read More
Tuesday, 07 July 2020 15:51
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Dawn Swimmer, The Mermaid

IMG_20200602_080709 Dawn Swimmer, The Mermaid in the Bay
Sea maidens are good for us. They connect us to the life-renewing qualities of water. They link us to the regenerative powers of the subconscious. They combat the bleak reality of our concrete jungles. They deepen our kinship with the wild. In these technological times, may these children of the sea continue to splash vigorously through our dreams ...
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Swimming at Dawn Begins

IMG_20200319_081123 Apocalyptic morning
Swimming at dawn started many days ago, from need. It started from restriction. It started because I felt I must do something, something to keep myself alive when the world around me seemed to be going crazy. I must go to the one place, outside my front door, that resonates life, bounty, mystery, joy, fear, passion - the sea. I must greet it each d...
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