My Octopus Friend: Stillness Speaks (Part 1)

11-June-contact The Octopus and I reach out to one another on 11 June 2021
On 8 June 2021, by coincidence World Ocean Day, I began an unexpected, marvelous friendship with an octopus I began to call Mof (My Octopus Friend). Even though we only had 14 encounters together until she simply vanished after 24 June, I know that these unique moments of wondrous connection, communication and co-creation of a familiar bond, even f...
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Guest — Amphitrite

Ocotopus Fascination

Monday, 26 July 2021 12:57
Guest — Jane

Breathtaking Encounter

Dawn Swimmer has taken her love of swimming in the open sea to exploring the enchanting mysteries that dwell beneath. In 2020 she... Read More
Monday, 26 July 2021 17:50
Guest — Tara Kelsall

Amazing story

What an incredible story of your experiences with M.O.F
Monday, 26 July 2021 18:29
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We're All Interconnected: Womb Pool Reveries

I made this short video after a sunrise immersion in a calm pool in late March 2021. The immersive experience was not just in the water but in the entire tidepool environment where stillness and observation helped open my eyes to the many wonders always around us but which often go unperceived due to our inability to 'see'. I'm aware I've only...
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180 Days at Dawn

Empowerment. This photo captures for me what 180 days immersing myself in the cold Atlantic at dawn has done for me. I see a strong woman in that photo taken in dawn's glorious light next to my favorite changing rock that has become my shadow play backdrop.  In this photo I sense and feel strength, confidence, openness, power an...
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Swimming in the Fog: Descent into the Fog, Return into the Light

IMG_20200826_113314_219 Sun starts to break through fog on return journey.
 It's hard to imagine nature mirroring more profoundly a common mental, inner process than this morning's walk and swim in the sea. Who doesn't experience 'mental fog' from time to time, ie, a lack of clarity, vision or feel overwhelmed by doubt? This sequence of four photos focused on the same view show my descent into the fog....
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Swimming My Verses: Poetry & Open Water Swimming

P8050067 Elementals: Hand. Aqua. Bubble. Water.
Blue. Green. Tree. Breath. Arm. Hand. Bubbles. Sun. Moon.  Sometimes when I'm open water swimming, with my mind full of thoughts and I want to clear it, I turn to elementals like primary colors. Single words for single moments. I turn my head to breathe, life giving agent, and there is the Sky. Cloud. Pink. Sun. S...
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Guest — Maria

Enhorabuena por tu gran trabaj...

Tus palabras y ver lo que consigue expresar Sam a través de sus pinturas me han conmovido y emocionado mucho. Gracias por comparti... Read More
Monday, 17 August 2020 10:58
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Swimming Towards the Light

IMG_20200730_080741-2 Swimming towards the light and reflecting on the new day. Grateful. Peaceful. Being. Only my dark side is visible.
Swimming at dawn also signifies for me swimming towards the light, ie, towards discovery, inner understanding as well as simply being, experiencing joy and living in the moment. At the same time there is an implicit swimming away from something - the dark, the night, the doubt, the hidden, unclear parts of th...
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Guest — anonymous

Swimming Towards Dawn's Early ...

With stunning photos and a remarkable video, the dawn swimmer captures her awareness of the power, beauty and joy of swimming towa... Read More
Wednesday, 12 August 2020 23:10
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La Belle Sauvage: Finding and Celebrating Your Wildish Nature

IMG_20200723_083230 La belle sauvage, where does she go?
The idea of La belle sauvage or the wild beauty came to me as I looked at my footprints disappearing into the tide pool. Then the words, "....and then she was gone" came into my mind. And, "Where does she go?" Like my footprints, creative ideas emerged from within tiptoeing out into my watery magical world where I have found such joy...
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Respect for the Sea

Don-Inda- Maritime rescue vessel just off shore
They say that the bodies of drowning victims float to the surface on the 9th day. Yesterday was day 9 for the two 20-year-olds missing somewhere in the waters just off the coast where I swim. They lost a paddle while kayaking on a very windy day with cold, heavy, choppy wave action. A day even the local fisherman stayed in port. Atte...
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Guest — anonymous

Respect for the Sea

The Dawn Swimmer demonstrates through words and photos the remarkable power and changeability of the sea. With the tragic story o... Read More
Saturday, 18 July 2020 17:58
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Merging with the Water

bubbles-11-july Liquid aqua scattered with diamonds
Bubbles captured at sunrise amidst the liquid aqua as I float and feel myself adrift in the sea's power. That's my desire; to merge with the aqua atoms and feel myself enveloped in the substance invisible to the naked eye. I like how this camera (Olympus T3) allows me to slow down the rushing movement that I somehow instinctively feel whe...
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A Gift from the Sea

IMG_20200706_075746 Dawn bouquet - a gift from the sea
Despite being July, a stiff, cool breeze greeted me as I set out for the sea. A few high clouds sat in the eastern sky, the sun yet to rise, the long familiar ridge now a knife-cut silhouette. Bird song filled the air, gulls flew high in the sky and small black birds looked for snails and slugs along the pathway as usual hopping down the path ...
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Sea Glass & The Relativity of Things

P6270040 Beach glass shards come in many colors. Aqua are my favorite. Purple and dark blue most rare.
Broken glass conjures images of accidents, bad luck, sharp shards, danger, cutting, negativity. But when broken glass is polished by the sea, over many years, it can become a thing of great beauty and recycled into art or simply a delightful object to focus on when beach combing. When dry, it is lovely, yet hides its beauty. When wet, it ...
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