The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever

Jacques Cousteau

The Whirlpool


Swimming at Dawn began to recount my journey to the sea. Journeys, though, evolve and take on new life as the path unfolds. I love immersing myself in all forms of water and while I was swimming in the sea, I was also going to the pool or taking hikes with my family along riverways and inspiring spots that simply called out to me and begged to be experienced. I find it difficult to resist the water's call. An urge rises within me to immerse, merge with, dissolve myself into the liquid substance flowing by my side, filling my ears with laughter and beckoning joy. I want to feel myself surrounded by that glorious, life-giving substance and I frequently give into that desire when the circumstances allow. 

This poem, The Whirlpool, flowed from me after a 20km hike (in May 2021) with my partner and son first up one river (which my son and I dipped in), then over a mountain and then finally down another, different water course, where we came upon this whirlpool. Even though it took me quite a long time to warm-up from the first immersion going upstream, this stunning Whirlpool demanded my attention and I acquiesced without much resistance. Rich, life-giving, stunning, beautiful water. 

The Whirlpool
by Dawn Swimmer

The river calls!
Loud and clear:
Come to the bubbling whirlpool!

Impossible to resist,
I leap into the frothy, cold mess
The whirlpool gathers me up
Spins me around with invisible arms

The water's strength pulls, hard
Around and around
I follow and flow, surrendering.
Circling around, going under
Rising again.
Where is the exit?

I dive down deep
Into the swirling bubbles,
Will I fall down the rapids?
Will I be trapped below the surface?
Or will I pop back up
And find my way to the calm and light again?

I take a deep breath
Submerging, trusting again
I pop-up, floating to the surface
Ecstasy awaits within the bubbles' embrace

Be the water
Become the water
Follow the flow
Joy awaits the open, brave, wild heart!

The first whirlpool on the hike upstream, sharing the joy and thrill of the cold, bubbly water with my son.
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Nothing feels better than being free in nature

Nothing feels better than being free in nature
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