'I want to know what it says. The sea, Floy, what is it that it keeps on saying?'

Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son

Respect for the Sea

Don-Inda- Maritime rescue vessel just off shore

They say that the bodies of drowning victims float to the surface on the 9th day. Yesterday was day 9 for the two 20-year-olds missing somewhere in the waters just off the coast where I swim. They lost a paddle while kayaking on a very windy day with cold, heavy, choppy wave action. A day even the local fisherman stayed in port. Atte...

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Merging with the Water

bubbles-11-july Liquid aqua scattered with diamonds

Bubbles captured at sunrise amidst the liquid aqua as I float and feel myself adrift in the sea's power. That's my desire; to merge with the aqua atoms and feel myself enveloped in the substance invisible to the naked eye. I like how this camera (Olympus T3) allows me to slow down the rushing movement that I somehow instinctively feel whe...

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A Gift from the Sea

IMG_20200706_075746 Dawn bouquet - a gift from the sea

Despite being July, a stiff, cool breeze greeted me as I set out for the sea. A few high clouds sat in the eastern sky, the sun yet to rise, the long familiar ridge now a knife-cut silhouette. Bird song filled the air, gulls flew high in the sky and small black birds looked for snails and slugs along the pathway as usual hopping down the path ...

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